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Hi Angels!


This site has been a project of love in the making for months and months now. I always knew that I would eventually move my work to a more intimate platform like this but the pieces never seemed to fall into place until now. I'm so excited for what this site holds for my professional future and the little family of astro fanatics that I've found over the past four years of doing this work. A couple notes on the site:

  1. I transitioned to for one key reason: I hate social media. Which is weird to say because if you follow me on either Twitter or Instagram you know I have a hypocritical problem with oversharing. However, these apps are both unhealthily addictive and unhealthily negative. When your passion and source of income are both reliant on apps, it makes it anxiety-inducing and financially irresponsible to take much needed social media breaks or ultimately leave platforms that are doing more harm than good. I mean, the entire reason I lost the original @simplynautica account was that I deactivated for a Twitter break and forgot to reactivate before the 30-day limit while enjoying my break. In this time period where one cannot log online without being exposed to some form of Black pain, gendered trauma, or queer abuse, I want to be able to have a safe haven where I can feel good about posting about astrology and divination work. It's increasingly hard and insincere to try to separate my astrology content from my personal beliefs and feelings about the world around us all on one Twitter timeline.

  2. The goal of my website is for you to be able to locate all of my educational content, theoretical questions, and purchasable services in one central location. After my account got deleted I obviously lost all of my threads and instead of reuploading them to Twitter-which is incredibly annoying to do- I tried to look at it as a better opportunity to revisit, re-edit, and reupload them onto here. Additionally, with the forum feature and ability to create an account on my site, I hope to be able to have the same familial, group feeling that was able to be cultivated on my original accounts. I want anything you need from me to be accessible from here without having to jump between Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Patreon.

Again, I'm so excited to be able to share what I've been planning and working on with you all. I have so many projects lined up that I hope you will all be able to enjoy and I look forward to building this site to its fullest potential with all of you. I can't thank you enough for four years of constant support and giving me the ability to grow as an astrologer. This work has always grounded me and given me a way out of some of my hardest times. Whether you're a day one since the days of "Princess Kay" or a lovely new face, whether you've purchased readings or simply retweeted a thread, I genuinely see every supporter of my work as one of my angels.

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