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How to Use the Site

Hi angels!

I wanted to write out a post about the main features of the site for everyone exploring it for the first time. I plan to record a video doing this as well for accessibility purposes so if you prefer a visual walkthrough expect that in the coming days! Below are the main features of the site:


- Live Readings are on the center of the homepage. Note that Live Readings are different than the readings found in the shop and have less availability.

- Testimonials are located towards the bottom of the homepage. These are recently collected reviews on my services that will be updated frequently.


- The shop area contains readings that are not performed live. These readings are given in PDF format but can be requested in audio, video with sign language, or other available requests as well.

- The shop will change on a monthly basis. There will be readings that I take away ad bring back from month to month depending on what I am focusing my practice on at a given time or what is requested in the forum.


- My favorite part! The arena hosts blog posts, videos, events, as well as the Members' Forum.

- Posts similar to what would be a Twitter thread will be posted onto the blog. Alongside these I will also post about what practices I'm working on, how to/tip guides, horoscopes, and other educational information.

- The Forum area of the site is exclusive to members and is where members can post their own threads and receive responses from myself and other members. Most of my questions, about astrology theory or the site itself, will be asked within the forum so make sure to make a free account to participate! The Members' Forum allows us to build a sense of community and share knowledge with one another outside of traditional social platforms.

Live Services

- This is where services being performed over Facetime, Zoom, Skype, or Instagram will be located. These services will be limited and not offered throughout the entire month. Available services will be updated and services will differ from month to month.

To get the most out of I recommend both making a members account as well as adding the website to your phone as an app widget. ( It takes like 15 seconds to do and if you don't know how yet here's this: I can't wait for you all to explore the site and create community with me here. Expect for the site to change on at least a monthly basis but my Gemini Mars definitely may lead me to sporadic changes from time to time as well. Again, thank you for joining me on Lil Astro Angel and supporting my work. Love you love you love you.


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