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Client Testimonials

On this page you’ll find reviews for readings throughout my career. Some of these reviews come from my first ever clients, some are from repeat clients, but I will always try to update this page regularly as I receive new feedback after readings. ALL clients consented to their reviews being placed on the site and left feedback on their own accord! If you want to leave additional feedback or ask questions about your feedback form, email:

I felt like I was in truly connected, expert hands throughout my reading. Relationships between aspects and placements were made clear, making my ongoing understanding of my chart even more enriched. Nautica not only brings a high level of synthesis to the reading, but also is generous with knowledge for you to grow with after the reading is done. A reading with Nautica is a beautiful gift you can give yourself.

Full Package Reading

I purchased the dark to light reading- and it was incredibly affirming and eye opening. They helped me to connect themes and pulls I’ve been working through in my life in a holistic and gentle light. I wholeheartedly recommend getting a reading from lilastroangel.


Darkness to Light Reading

Nautica is quick-witted and knows what they’re doing, and does it well! I had already had some idea going into the reading but their confirmation gave me the confidence to continue in action! Nautica was light-hearted and peaceful while high energy at the same time? Which is really pleasant, you really just gotta book and see for yourself! Thank you so much!

Sex Reading

Nautica's Birthday Reading is an amazing gift! You learn all the potential themes coming up for the year ahead and how astrology may affect your life. As always, Nautica did a wonderful job and gave helpful advice on how to work with the energies. I highly recommend!


Birthday Reading

It was too accurate. I'm definitely coming back for another reading.

Predictions Reading

Testimonials: Testimonials
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